Frequently Asked Questions

Below Faqs Are Some Common Concerns Of Our Customers Before Purchasing The Maps, If You Have Other Questions, Please Just Send It To

Choosing a Map

The 3D Map: 3 different layers, 6 to 15 mm thick (0.23'' - 0.47''); The 2D Map: 1 layer (5 to 6mm thick (0.2'' - 0.24'')
The Wooden Maps are painted with beige-brown wood dye and all the borders and names of the countries are engraved on the surface. The Colored Maps are dyed with brighter colors (check out all the designs available!). All geographical names, pictures (for Kid's Maps) rivers and lakes are printed.
Decide by choosing where your will place the map.

What do I have ?

Map includes almost all the countries and islands, except all those super small ones. Please pay attention this Map is not a geographical one, it's a decoratioin piece, some deviations vs. true geography are possible, though.
Yes, they are included :)
No, they are not. But you can add them to your cart with the Map.
Absolutely! We have a legal patent and all the documents for our Wooden Maps. And we provide lifetime warranty on all the Maps, the document is included in the box.